Friday, August 12, 2011

How it went

So the feeding evaluation went well yesterday. They weighed Griffin to begin, so we would know how much he transferred, and he weighed 9 lb 10 oz! Yep, he had gained 7 oz in three days exclusively nursing. So they immediately encouraged me that he was obviously getting enough.

At first Griffin latched on and stayed for 7 minutes without crying! Really Kid? You haven't done that in over a week! I was worried that I wouldn't get any help. They weighed him and he had transferred 28 ml in those 7 min. We decided to switch sides and he latched for 2 min then screamed like crazy. They weighed him and he had gotten 10 ml in 2 minutes.

After they watched for awhile, they determined that my flow is probably too strong for him. He is coming off and screaming because the milk comes on too strong, and I have been trying to force long feedings to make sure he gets enough when really he gets plenty!

So they suggested I use the side lying position, and positions that put him in a vertical position. They gave me a few other tips and lots of encouragement. I needed it!

Since then our nursing sessions have gone pretty well. Praise the Lord! I am so glad to not have to hear my boy screaming in discomfort! Hopefully things will just continue to get better. As for now, my man is enjoying some milk induced comas...

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