Monday, August 22, 2011

Making progress and a busy day

1. I am at the thyroid dr. Yay... Haha. Anyhow, just got weighed and I am now only ten lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you breastfeeding. I hear the last ten is the hardest though.

2. I fit in some of my pre preggo pants! I am not sure my hips will ever fit back into my smallest jeans though, and that's ok.

3. My son is awesome. Yesterday I nurses twice at church using my cover with success! (using a nursing cover is not as easy as it looks!) And no fits! Yay!

4. Today we are having a marathon day in TN. Griffin will meet lots of people and I hope be in a good mood! We shall see.

5. My nieces love Griffin and they are so cute with him! My dad an nieces came up yesterday for a quick visit. My oldest niece is basically as tall as me now, seriously? She is growing up so fast!

And this was Griffins outfit at church yesterday. So cute!

Happy Monday!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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