Friday, July 15, 2011


So it's Friday. I have made it through another work week (unless I just go into labor sitting at my desk today! Ha!). And I had everything prepared for me to not be there after July 1... Ha.

I got my haircut yesterday. It is an ok cut, I don't think it looks bad. But it wasn't what I wanted exactly. Everytime I try to get my hair cut in an inverted bob, I can never get the people to leave the front as long as I want it. Ever. Yesterday she had it the right length in the front up until the last minute, then bam- she chopped it to! Ugh! So it's just a short bob, nothing special but not ugly either.

The nights are the hardest part of waiting on this baby. They drag on bc me and Mr.Pate are just ready to meet our son. We don't have much to do. So last night we went to dinner and then walked around the mall and target. We had a really good time and some great conversation. Which I am sure I will cherish in the next few weeks when ours lives revolve around a tiny screaming baby.

Now it's time to get ready and roll in to work. Happy Friday!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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