Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And the Dr said...

All looks great! We saw Dr.Gass today and it was a wonderful appointment. Very encouraging and motivating.

::: My nonstress test looked great, so that means baby's heartbeat and movement are wonderful.
::: My blood pressure is still at it's normal range (118/78) so that's great.
::: I am still dilated at 3 cm and effaced to 90%, so no change there.
::: Baby's head is lower and engaged now! So no more floating! Dr.Gass was thrilled with this.

Basically, Dr. Gass says everything looks great and we can just keep waiting. He didn't just say that, but it's what he prefers to do. He reminded me that everyones body will eventually go into labor (I needed to hear that!). And that by waiting for my body to do it's thing, we are really lowering my risk of issues arising. It was good to hear this because generally people act like going late is dangerous and a bad idea (there are situations where this is true I know). So I just felt refreshed after the appointment. Yay!! We love Dr.Gass! He is so nice and supportive.

I go back on Monday if Griffin hasn't decided to arrive by then. I am ok waiting, but I would love to meet him sooner! Come on Griffin!!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Alright! Glad it went well! Dr. Gass is wonderful!

  2. You are making this look easy! We can all wait till Griffin decides he's ready....albeit, impatiently!!