Monday, July 11, 2011


Mr.Pate and I thought 7-11 would
be an awesome birthday for Griffin... But the Lord obviously did not. Ha! No baby yet.

The good news is Dr.Gass is back! So we are good to go whenever!! Now if only he would come.

I am feeling pretty good for a 41 week preggo. The chest pains have left and that is such a blessing!!! It is hard to go from sitting to standing, but I just go slow and wait out the painful stretching. I am walking very slow bc there is a lot of weight very low. And I have to pee at least every hour, if not more. Safe to say this kid has dropped. So that's progress people!

As far as contractions, I think I have had some sporadically, but I am not sure. Everyone says you will know, and maybe that's true. But a few people have told me that they didn't know what they were feeling was a contraction, and I think I may be the same way. Who knows?

At this point I am bored and ready to have a baby to make me tired and super busy! Tonight we were talking about how life is just on a standstill. Everything is ready, and we just don't have much to do. Plus it's super hot and I move like a snail, so it limits the options. The nights are going by pretty slowly!

If he doesn't come tomorrow, then we have our first tournament game for softball. So that should give us something to do!

We go back to Dr. Gass Wednesday.

We watched the first episode of design star tonight. It was ok. Better than last season, but I hate how everything is in teams! When they get their own show, they won't be working with design teams. They will have their own support staff that listen to them. It's annoying. Oh well.

That's all I got.
Peace out homies...

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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