Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 9

Well today is Day 9 that our Boy is in the NICU. Thought I would share some pics of his setup:

First off, yesterday after his bath Griffin's hair stayed like this all day! Ha! Loved it! 
 This is his crib. 
 This is his weigh chart. Yep- all 8 lbs! Today he is 8 lbs 9.1 oz! 
 This is a picture one of the nurses drew for him to look at. He loves staring at it and is sooo cute when he does! 
 I love his face in this shot. 
 He like the contrast of my glasses with my face I think. He just stares and stares. I could stare back forever. 
 Such a sweet face! 

The doctor's switched shifts today (they do 12 day shifts) so we met his new Neonatal Specialist. She is really nice and was very encouraging. She said we are just waiting on him to finish out his antibiotic so he can go home. She said all of his behavior is normal, healthy baby behavior- his ability to nurse well, stare at things in amazement, etc. We had already been told this, but I do not tire from hearing it again!

So thats us today. We did a weighed feeding this morning and my boy ate 106 ml! Thats a lot. I dont think he knows how to stop himself! Around lunch he ate quite a bit less, I think he was full full full. Ha!

Thank you so much for the prayers and support. Please keep them coming! I cannot wait to have my boy home!

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