Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Fourth

Still no baby, just for the record.

I had a great weekend though! My family came up and we had a blast. Sunday we swam at the hotel pool. My mom found an inflatable bat and baseball at dollar general, and me, my nieces, my dad, mr.pate and Dustin all played. It was so fun! But I over did it and was hardcore hobbling the next morning. Then we grilled and played the wii (well they did, I conked out).

Then yesterday we were going to go to Beech Bend park, but the weather wasn't so great so we did a movie instead. Then more swimming. After that we were all going to head to our house to cook dinner. I was there first by myself and the chest pains I had been having off and on came back hardcore. So bad in fact, that when Mr.Pate got there I was double over in pain and crying. It was stabbing pains in my chest that sent shooting pains down my left arm. Ugh!! So we called Dr.Gass and he set us to labor and delivery to get checked out. Happy Fourth of July!

So we got there and they hooked me up to some monitors and did an EKG. Everything looked great and baby looked great. So it was either heartburn or pressure from me having no more space. They gave me some heartburn medicine and made me rest for awhile. It didn't help. Problem number one- they made me lay on my back, which made it hurt worse. Problem number two- they couldn't fix my problem so we just sat there for no reason.

The good news of this trip? They had me on a contractions monitor and what I thought was him moving is apparently a contraction. Good to know. This doesn't match anything I have been told they will feel like. When it happened my whole belly was not rock hard, but there was just a part of my belly sticking out. I thought it was griff pushing. Who knows?

But we went home and I proceeded to have the chest pains for the rest of the night and today. Which to me means it is not heartburn, but is just me running out of space. I didn't sleep at all. Blah! But I went to work today an I am learning to deal with the pain better.

I mean my child will come sometime soon. I wont feel this forever. The Lord will sustain me. He had a plan for when Griffin should be born, and it will come to pass just as He wants.

That was our 4th in a nutshell. Tonight we were supposed to go to a 4th party in Smiths Grove, but we ended up staying at Dustins school all night helping him move classrooms. It is making progress.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my weekly checkup. I have a non-stress test (they will put a monitor on to check baby's heartbeat, movement, and contractions) and then I will see Dr. Stice. I'll keep you posted!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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  1. Bless your heart! I am checking your blog obsessively now wanting to know when Griffin arrives! I have to say that you are the busiest 40-week pregnant gal I've even known! Once we got close to Sam's due date, I pretty much didn't leave home base unless it was a doctor's appointment but you are on the go! I can't believe he hasn't come since you are so active! I will keep praying....maybe he and Esther Fisher (John & Abby's 2nd baby girl) will be born on the same day? :)