Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 11

Day 11 of this Journey

A week ago I had just gotten out of the hospital and had to leave my son there. I thought I would never make it to August 1st. I was numb most of that day. We slept and barely spoke... we were just spent from such a crazy week. Now here we are, one week and 25ish visits later. It has become my normal to walk into the hospital, take a right and get on the elevator, get off on floor 2 and push the intercom button to get into the NICU. That is pretty much my life this past week. But we are close!!! We are so close to an ending to this season. My heart could not be more excited. A few updates:

  • We are going to "room in" on Sunday! This means we will get to stay in a hospital room with Griffin. He will be off all of his monitors and in our care, like a regular nursery baby. The NICU nurses will still come in to check on him and give his meds, but other than that we have him! They do this to prepare parents to take their NICU child home, kind of a transition. I cannot wait!!!!!!! This means I really only have one more day and then I will be with my son!! Be still my heart!
  • Today I nursed at the 8am, 11am and 2pm feedings. Its the first time I have done back to back feedings. It went really well I think. We didnt do weighed feedings, so I do not know exactly how much he got. But I wont know at home either. He stayed content in between the feedings and didnt wake up hungry, so thats a great sign. We are doing much better at staying awake and just learning what works for him. Thanks for the prayers!
  • He gets out on Monday, but I dont know what time yet. I am sooo ready. 
  • He is the cutest thing ever. After he eats, he loves to just stare around and I could watch him do it forever. Today when we went in at 2pm he was still asleep. Everytime Mr.Pate would touch his chest, Griffin would throw his arms up but not wake up. He did it like 5 times- it was sooo funny! 
Thats us tonight. We are heading back up soon to see our little guy. Day 11... and almost done. Thank you Lord! 

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  1. so happy for you that this season is almost over. praying for you all!