Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello Friday

::: My work had a golf tournament today, so I didn't have to go. A whole day at home? Weird!
::: I have done two loads of laundry thus far, and hope to do two more.
::: I plan on dust mopping and vacuuming the floors. I could do this everyday at my house and it still need it. Love my animals but they are high maintenance!
::: Tomorrow I will be 41 weeks. Wow!
::: I am asked if I have had a baby about five times an hour...
::: So instead it's your turn to answer me please:

- What do you do for fun on summer nights? (preferably cheaper ideas!)
- What do you eat for dinner in the summer???

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Concerts in the Park. Free!

    Eating equals salads, food that I've already cooked and am reheating, sandwiches, anything on the grill...

    Promise I won't ask if you've had him yet!

  2. Also, the drive in movies in Franklin. Usually $12 or $15 for a carload and on the weekend it's a double feature... The only issue is that you'd have to be sitting or something for most of it and I know you are completely uncomfortable!

  3. #1 - I know what you mean about your floors. We have two black lab mixes, about 55 and 60 lbs. I used to sweep once a day, but now that I have a toddler crawling around on the floor, I literally sweep AT LEAST twice a day and each time I sweep up so much that a stranger may think that I hadn't swept in a week!

    #2 - Our summer nights are pretty boring. but we do like to go to Hot Rods games. we usually check out their website and go on a day where you can get in cheaper if you bring in a cheese wrapper or if it's a warren county resident day or something. plus, you can always buy lawn seats pretty cheap and then just sit wherever - there are always empty seats!

    #3 - i wish i could help you out on summer dinner ideas, but i am at a loss as well! i feel like most of my meals are heavy and casseroley. (yep, i just made up a word...)

    Good Luck! Now that Griffin has waited so long, I hope he waits until your doctor comes back to town!