Sunday, July 10, 2011

41 Weeks and Counting...

  • How far along: 41 Weeks

  • Total Weight Gained: 34 lbs (started 107, currently 141) 

  • Sleep: Well it was very hard to come by most of the week! The chest pain decided to stay for 5 days straight! So I couldnt sleep laying down hardly at all. But it has subsided finally, and the last two nights I have actually slept pretty well overall. I am waking about every hour but I cant get back to sleep so it could be worse! 

  • Best Moment of the Week:  Playing in the Beech Bend wave pool with Mr.Pate and my nieces. It felt great and was super fun! Also Thursday night we went out to eat, to Starbucks and moseyed around Target, like a date. It was great!    

  • Movement: Still good movement.      

  • Food Cravings: Special K Chocolatey delight and Mr.Pate's smoothies.     

  • Food Aversions: N/A

  • Symptoms: Horrid chest pains that were apparently just pressure from no space, Huffing and puffing, lots of pressure on my lower abdomen and pelvic area, waddling majorly, sore tailbone, tired tired tired, pee all the time... 

  • What I miss: Having a body that didnt feel like it had been completely taken over by an alien! Ha! Walking faster than a snail... 

  • What I'm looking forward to: D-Day (as in delivery day!)! There are no more events and we are all setup, so now it is just a waiting game till Griffin decides it is time to make his debut! 

  • Other news: 

    • Well those that prayed Griffin would wait till Dr.Gass was back have some powerful prayers! ha! He comes back tomorrow, so as long as I dont have Griffin until later tonight then we should be good!
    • It has been a physically hard week. I think he has definitely dropped some bc I am having a hard time walking and he feels so heavy down low! When I stand up, I have to brace myself for a moment before I can begin walking because the muscles are so tight. 
    • It is becoming an emotionally hard time as well. This weekend I have just started to let worrisome thoughts creep in. Everyone worries so much when you go late these days, and I have been letting those "what if's" that could happen take over my thoughts. Mr.Pate is good about encouraging me and keeping me focused, what a blessing. It is also emotionally hard because I feel like understanding what is happening right now is all on me. I am the only one who can feel if I am having contractions, if he is still moving well etc. And its a lot harder figuring out what you are feeling than I thought it would be! Was that a movement or a contractions?? Who knows?? 
    •  I need moment by moment reminders that the Lord is in control, not me, and that He has a plan. I need to trust Him with my whole life, including this uncertain and crazy time. 
    • We sent a team from our church off to Mission Arlington on a mission trip yesterday morning. Dustin was part of that group. So he thinks I should wait till Saturday to have Griffin. Ha! I am not wishing for that. I am sad that Mr.Pate and I couldnt go, because it is an amazing ministry and they are going to love it!! 
    • Phrase said the most often when I walk into a room: "You still havent had that baby?"
  • Gender & Name: It's a Boy! Griffin Alan Pate

  • ***All my pregnancy week by week apps and sites have switched me over to "Your Baby" news and week updates at this point... even though he isnt here yet! Babycenter did have an update, but its a downer about why you shouldnt go past 42 weeks... so we are done with the milestones. 

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    1. With your chest pain gone and discomfort so low it sounds like he is dropping. That's a good sign, right??

      Praying for you and baby and Mr. Pate!

      "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6-7

      Pretty sure I would not have survived the worry of pregnancy without these verses said OUT LOUD every. single. day. I think by the end of my delivery, even the nurses had them memorized!