Saturday, July 2, 2011

Breaking the silence

Today is my due date, and to relieve the inquiring minds I thought I would post to let you know that as of now- no Griffin.

I know when I know someone having a baby, I start stalking their blog or facebook to see I they have had them yet. So I didn't want to blog to stay silent and keep you guessing. I really don't have much to say though.

I tried hard to sleep in today. I figured I need to do that as much as I can right now. But between it being a beautiful sunny day and me being unable to get comfortable, I didnt end up sleeping much. But I laid there and went in and out of sleep a few times and managed to stay in bed till 11am. Pretty good.

Today has dragged on. I don't feel all that great. My back is actually achy, and my stomach does keep getting rock hard- but I don't feel anything when it does it I just notice by feeling from the outside. I have also had random chest pains on and off all morning. Weird. So it's just a weird day bc I don't feel great like normal, but what I am feeling doesn't match any descriptions people give for contractions or labor. We will just see I guess.

I am trying to clean and find stuff to do. Luckily, my family is coming tomorrow and monday, so they'll keep me plenty busy then!

That's us so far on Griffin's due date. Let's see how this story unfolds...

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Praying for you and baby!