Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pail or Bag??

This post is a question for those of you who already Cloth Diaper. I need your input!! When it comes to diapering at home:

Diaper Pail or Hanging Wet Bag???

For everyone else- here is a brief rundown of the two:

Most everyone knows what a diaper pail is, especially the fancy ones now like the "Diaper Champ" or "Diaper Genie". For cloth diapers, you can get a pail liner that is a washable tote bag basically. You pt your dirty cloth diapers in there until wash day, and then you dump all of them and the pail liner in the wash. You just use them with a typical trash can.
(This pic is kinda confusing because it looks like they have a hanging wet bag and some kind of pail too?)

I have explained what a wet bag is here. If you are going to cloth diaper while you are out and about then you have to have one of these. But some people also use the larger ones in the nursery (or bathroom) while diapering at home too. You put the dirty diapers in it and then, just like the pail liner, you throw it in the wash with the diapers on wash day. 

So I am now trying to decide which is the best route to go with in our house. Any suggestions?? 

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  1. My friend uses both.... she uses the pail for all of the "wet" ones and the bag for the "dirty" ones to keep them seperate....??? Just thought I would let you know!