Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Day

What a day- or better yet- what a week!

::: I was supposed to start my "summer hours" this week (7:30-3). I went in at 7:30 everyday, but the earliest I made it out was 3:30 one day. Most days it was 4 or 4:30.
::: Why you ask? Because this week we had training all day for a new software system we are moving to at my job. Yay...
::: Today just has not been my day
1. I had an issue with a receipt for work and had to go to a Mexican restuarant 4 times to get it straightened out... Yes 4 times! Only one guy in the place knows how to run a refund through the credit card machine. Ugh!
2. I go to pick up my thyroid medicine and one of the pills is on back order... Yep backorder. So the pharmacist and I had to figure out what I could do because I have to take this medicine everyday. Yay. (we did figure it out though)
3. It just seemed like everything I tried to do did not work today! Just annoying.

On to other things:

::: We have officially started on the nursery! My dad and aunt came up and painted it yesterday and the room looks so much better! Yay! Pics coming soon.
::: I am grocery shopping tonight, goodie. Ha!
::: Then my goal is to get my hospital bag packed. Gotta get that to do list done!
::: I have a shower at church this Sunday. Woo hoo!
::: Tomorrow night we are working on get furniture in the nursery- I can't wait!!!
::: Next week I get to meet Duke's baby girl Hadley!!! How fun!

Ok off to buy some grub. Happy Friday night!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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