Friday, May 13, 2011

32 Week OB Appointment

Yesterday we had our 32 week check up with Dr.Gass. These two week appointments come up soo quick! Everything looks great. My blood pressure is still low at 102/56 and I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment. Griffin's heartbeat was 150 and Dr. Gass is fairly certain he is head down! Yay! That's good news for labor and helps me know what body parts are bulging out from my belly all day! Haha! I actually measured 31 weeks this time, but Dr.Gass said I seem to just grow in spurts.

My thyroid labs came back and look fabulous! So I am right in the ranges I should be in. And my iron levels look good, so those big stupid iron pills are doing their job.

At the next appointment in 2 weeks we will do a vaginal exam to see if my cervix is softening any and he will be able to confirm what position Griffin is in. We also will do the Group B Strep test, which means they swab my vaginal canal and test to see if I have that bacteria. It's very common, but if you have it they advise being on an antibotic during labor to protect baby.

That's all my news for now. Oh I also don't have any stretch marks yet, Dr.Gass says that means I have good skin. Way to go skin. Ha!

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