Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shower #1

My first Baby Shower was in Bowling Green and thrown by my best friends from college. It was so fabulous! I loved getting to catch up with old friends who I dont get to see a ton. Those in attendance were: My mom, Alissa & Molly, Whitney & Ellie, Sarah, Jenny, Amanda Borders, Cheye, April and the hosts- Amanda, Melanie, and Elizabeth (Duke was there in spirit). I didnt have my memory card, but Mel took some pics for me. Here are some of the pics:
Some of the decorations

A cute cuddle blanket with Griffin's name on it! 

Some of the fabulous guests

Amanda and cute little Eleanor

Alissa trying to guess how big I am... 


April & Lana, Elizabeth, Melanie, Me, Amanda & Scarlett, and Cheye

My hostesses minus Duke, who was there in spirit! 

And my Momma! 

Thanks so much everyone who came and my wonderful friends for doing such a good job! I felt very showered with love!!

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