Thursday, May 26, 2011

34 week OB appointment

We had our 34 week visit to Dr.Gass today. And now we are officially on every week appointments, goodness! Today I had my Group B Strep test, which is where they take a swab from down there to see if you have Group B Strep. It is very common and most people carry it, but if you have a current infection of it then they highly suggest antibotics during labor so baby doesn't get it.

I also had my first vaginal check. This is a little controversial among natural childbirth advocates. Mainly because it can introduce bacteria, cause cramping, or cause mental anguish. You may get discouraged if there is no "progress" yet or too optimistic if there is lots of "progress". By progress I mean being dilated and effaced. It's important to remember that it's early and your body had plenty of time to do what it needs. It's also important to remember that the average non-induced birth happens around 41 weeks, so don't get in a hurry!

I decided to go ahead and do it. I wanted to know if baby was head down and just know things looked good down there! I am currently 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. This is great news and Dr.Gass was so excited! Ha! My cervix already being that soft is a good sign that my body will be able to birth my baby vaginally (no guarentees obviously!). Often a woman's cervix is hard even at 40 weeks and can cause a long labor. Again it is important to remember that this info doesn't guarentee anything to come- it could be 42 weeks or soon. But my body is at least preparing.

Dr.Gass will be going on vacation during July 4th, so unless Griffin comes right on time we may have someone else. Next week we will see another Dr in the practice just in case. Dr.Gass feels that his partners will be supportive of my birth plan and desire for a natural birth.

My weight is the same, blood pressure is 100/60, and Griffin's heart beat was 144. Love that we are both doing well!!

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  1. that's awesome! he's coming so soon!!! just 8 weeks at the most, you will have a baby boy!