Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday thoughts

- My to-do list for tonight: clean bathroom, empty dishwasher, finish scrapbook. Good thing I took a nap earlier!
- While checking out at Wal-Mart earlier tonight, the cashier told me that if I continued to carry my groceries into my house I would miscarry. He was really nice and didn't mean anything by it, you could just tell he was really concerned that I would carry a box of kitty litter by myself. I just smiled an told him I had to prepare to carry a kid in a carseat soon...
- The guy at Aldi's tonight was also chatty. I always go grocery shopping while mr.pate is working, so I go grab starbucks first. The Aldi's guy gave me a hard time about not bringing him one. Then he said he has to go price check at Walmart every Monday, and he always gets Starbucks before he goes. Price check? He informed me that Aldi's will never be beat on price for milk, sugar, flour (both types), eggs, butter, and bread. And produce. So by Wednesday their prices are lowered if Walmart was beating them... Nice to know. There is your frugal tip for the week.
- We have 2 softball games, an end of the year awards banquet at my work, church, a graduation banquet at work, and 2 baby showers this week (as well as a shower of a best fried to attend). Oh and a members meeting at church. Goodness! I have a feeling I am going to be tired!! But I am pumped!
- This is my last week of normal hours at work. Next week we start reduced summer hours at WKU. I will be working 7:30 to 3pm this summer! That's right, I am off at 3pm!! Awesome!! And we get to park in housing lots, meaning right behind our building!! Yay for no 5 minute walk to get to work!

What do you have going this week?

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. 1.) kroger has a policy that they are supposed to always offer to carry out groceries for pregnant women, no matter how busy they are - found that out when they kept offering! and even though that guy didn't mean anything by it - dang!
    2.) kroger always has aldi's beat on sugar. i don't know about the other stuff, but last time i bought sugar i bought it at aldi's and then got mad to see it cheaper at kroger!
    3.) we have a busy week of school flag football and church softball. which league is justin in? we are in the co-ed non-competitive

    have a good week!

  2. We are in the co-ed non-competitive too! yay- maybe we will see each other out there!