Monday, May 2, 2011

The End of an Era

Well tonight was the end of our Bradley Classes.

Reasons I am glad it's over:

- No more driving in the rain to Hendersonville and back on Mondays!! It was tiring and expensive!
- We get another night of the week that we are not committed to something (kinda, softball will randomly take it's place I guess)
- Maybe I'll have time to finish my long list of books to read before baby is born now that I don't have homework.

Reasons I am sad it's over:

- I really loved going and learning about birth and baby every week.
- It made me more alert and aware of what I was eating and how I was preparing for labor.
- It was a bonding activity for me and Mr.Pate. I loved that we had a dedicated time every week to go and learn something together and discuss things.
- It guarenteed there was a time each week that we were practcing relaxation and labor strategies (you are supposed to do this everyday... But we struggle). Now we really have to be intentional and it is the most critical time!

I am so glad we took these classes! Regardless of how my labor turns out, I know we are more informed and feel more prepared for it. We are on the same page and feel (somewhat) ready to meet our little guy!! And he is coming soon!

I promise to begin posting more about what I learned in the coming weeks for those that are interested. It can be my little review session : )

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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