Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is a wet bag??

So one question people often have concerning cloth diapers is what do you do with the dirty diaper? Totally logical question!

Most people have a "diaper pail" or some type of trash can with a liner in it where they put the soiled diaper after each change. Then on wash day, you dump the diapers and liner in the washer. I'll expand on this part in a later post.

What about while you are out and about? Can you use cloth then??Where will you put the gross messy diaper? Enter the wet bag.

A wet bag is a bag made to contain wet things without getting everything around it wet. You could put dirty diapers, a wet swimsuit, wet clothes etc in a wet bag. So people purchase a wet bag and keep it in their diaper bag. Each time you change a diaper you just put the used one in the wet bag. Once you get home, you dump the contents into your diaper pail and are done.

I just got my first wet bag (I'll prob get a few so I have two to rotate at daycare and one for other outings) and it is soooo cute!!! It's made from a fabric I love and looked at when I was picking my fabric for curtains. What do you think?

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Very cute! :) Does it have a little piece of fabric inside where you can sprinkle some tea tree oil to keep it smelling a bit fresh? The ones I have did, but I didn't know if they are all like that.

  2. Sarah I havent looked to see if this one does or not. I know the planetwise ones do. This is a random one I came across and had to get bc of the pattern! Ha!