Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, I can check something off my forever long to do list!! Mr.Pate and I decided on who would be Griffin's doctor today.....

Dr. Fraser!

We had intended to interview three doctors: Dr.Fraser, Dr.Smith and Dr.Kniery. But after meeting both Fraser and Smith we decided we wanted to stay at that practice (they work for the same practice) because we liked both of them a lot.

In the end they were both really great and answered all of our questions with the answers we were looking for, so we felt confident both would take great care of our little man. But Dr.Fraser was sooo personable and asked us questions about ourselves and even shared his faith with us. We just felt like it clicked. Plus he is very strong on wanting his moms to breastfeed and dedicated to helping make that happen. Sold! Ha!

We feel great about the choice and I am glad to feel like I am making progress on the "get it done before I pop" list!

In other news, I taught the younger ones at church tonight and here are the things you would have laughed your head off at if you had been a fly on the wall:
- As a girl walked by me she looked at me and said, "you are having a baby". Thank you for letting me know... Haha!
- We talked about Zaccheus and when I asked what he looked like a girl said "little like you" every time!
- I asked them what Zaccheus did for a living and someone yelled "he stole money!"... Basically right.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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