Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy 101

One of my Sarah's (yes I have two... in my dgroup... but come to think of it, i sure do have alot of sarah's period in my life...), challenged me to write 10 things that make me happy. Being more inclined to be sarcastic and dry (read: a negative jerk), I think it is always a good idea for me to identify positive things in my life. Maybe you need to do the same today??

  1. Mr.Pate.... his humor (he is so stinkin hilarious), his manliness, his logical mind (i could go on and on...)
  2. My Sister... She's a mix between my best-friend and 2nd mom. She is crazy (dont tell her I said that! haha), super talented, and way more outgoing than me. But I sure do love her and she sure can make me happy. [Misty: "HEEELLP! HEEELLP!" Automated Phone Message Lady: "I am sorry, I do not understand that command." BAHHHAAA!]
  3. Denise... My Mother. Now, you wanna talk about a crazy lady! Haha, my mom is a hoot. She is so supportive and loving. Oh and she is a technological airhead, so thats always amusing. 
  4. My Nieces- Jilli and Livvi... Joys of my heart! Could there be two sisters that are more different?? They each have such amazing personalities and did I mention they are freakin beautiful?? These two make me super happy just thinking about them. 
  5. My Daddy.... I have such a fun time giving him a hard way to go about anything I can! Poor man- stuck with nothing but women all of his life! Haha! 
  6. The rest of my Family... ok I am realizing I cant put everyone individually so I will just say all the rest! Ha! Dustin & Sheldon are two of my fav people to hang out with... we always end up laughing about the dumbest things! (Did he say...) All of our extended fams on boths sides. Justin's Dad and Mom & Gma, they all make me feel happy and accepted and loved. 
  7. My BFF's... I love my girltime! Kristen, Karen, Amanda, Duke, Mel, Jamie, Elizabeth, Kristi and Nat, you guys make me extremely happy in life. 
  8. My home.... Did you know I am a homebody? I love my home and it makes me so happy to be at home chillin with...
  9. Joey and Zoey!... my dear fur children bring mr.pate and I joy all day long! I watched Homeward Bound while working out the other day (I dont recommend it, I was crying on a treadmill which I am sure is dangerous or at the least looks compeltely stupid) and just wanted to squeeze my babies right then and there! They are such great animals... even if they do rule this place
  10. Chocolate... Seriously, eating chocolate just makes me happy. I love the taste... now if only someone would make some calorie free....
What makes you happy just thinking about it/them??? Get those positive thoughts going peps! 


  1. First...let me say...I loved the HELP reminder! Oh that was a great day! Getting ready to leave for Korea!

    Secondly, Jeff was not impressed that I ranked 7th...haha! Love you! You are definitely one of my favorite people!

  2. Ha! You beat my freakin dog, what does that say about my love for you dear??