Monday, March 29, 2010


Have any of you ever done a personality quiz or profile? There are several out there, but two of the most popular are the DISC test and the 4 temperaments (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic). I love personality profiles. I have led several trainings with student leaders about these in the past, and I love the self discovery that comes from taking these tests. They are not full proof, but by taking the time to do one you are actually taking time to really look at who you are and what your patterns are. We rarely slow down and do this in life.

My favorite is the Temperament test, which is the one with the 4 colored boxes (Wired that Way is my fav). I think its easier to remember the 4, versus all of the combination's of the letters in the DISC. You can see a chart below that explains the types. Anyhow, I was thinking about these tests the other day because I think my personality has changed quite a bit in the last few years. When I used to take these tests I would always be a Sanguine Choleric (yellow/red boxes). This means I was people oriented, outgoing, and take charge (bossy). I would say in High School and the first years of college this would be a dead on accurate description of myself.

But I have a feeling that if I took the test today I would be a Melancholy Choleric (blue/red boxes), meaning I am introverted, task oriented, reflective and still bossy (go figure).

This has been a strange year for me, alot of changes in my life. I went from a job where I had to be social all the time to a job that is very task oriented. I never realized how much my social life depended on my job until it changed, and now I am seeing that when left to my own effort I will choose to stay at home with my hubby and animals over going out everyday. I thought that it was just the ministry that was taxing, and I would have to come home and recoup after big BCM events. Now I am realizing it is just large group events (anything over 5 or 6 really) that are taxing on me. That is like the definition of introvert! Ha!

Now I am not saying I am a people hater, so dont misinterpret this peps. I am simply stopping to reflect on who I really am wired to be, which will have a huge impact on who I am wired to influence. I am still processing through these changes I have noticed, but it has made me wonder if anyone else has gone through this change too? So questions for you dear reader--

What personality type are you? And have you noticed this changing as you age or your life circumstances transform?? Or have you always been this way?


  1. okay...remember how i said we are on the same page lately?? I have been planning a blog about personality tests and some that my dad did for us recently! hubs and I took the DISC test as well as one called the Call which I would totally recommend--it was like therapy for us! it is much more involved and gives you numbers on a bell curve and looks at spiritual gifts, thinking style, personality traits, and interests, and also measures your compatibility with thousands of jobs and gives you a list of the jobs that you would be most suited for! AWESOME!! my dad is trained to administer it and you take it and then meet together to discuss the results and see where you fall on the's kinda expensive but I would completely recommend it for you guys--especially for anyone involved in ministry! let me know if you're interested, and I will also blog about it soon.

    As far as my stuff, I feel like I've changed since college but now am a mix of phlegmatic/melancholy. In the DISC test I'm 100% steady(!) 95% Compliant 52% Influence and 5% dominant lol! I am also a super homebody. Whenever it's time to do things with friends I just want them to come to my house! We should have time together to visit each other's houses and not have to do anything but sit and talk :)

  2. That one your dad does sounds awesome!