Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking through a different lens

Did I happen to mention I got a new camera??

Well I did! To celebrate our 4 year anniversary, Mr.Pate let me buy a DSLR camera!! Woohoo! My family and very close friends know that I take lots and lots of pictures. I love to document life. And my favorite shots are candid ones that capture the moment, but these are hard to catch. They are especially hard to catch when you dont have the right shutter speed and focus. But I attempted nonetheless with my Olympus SP-510, which is a great point and click camera. 

I am currently trying to carve out time to learn how to use this fancy schmancy camera, and I plan on sharing this new education with you dear readers! What I have realized is that several of the features my new camera has, my old camera had too- but I didnt know how to use it! So it is time for all of you to pull out those cameras and get ready, because Spring is the perfect time to capture some great shots of life! 

So here are a few shots I have taken so far, for your enjoyment! WARNING: There are pictures of snakes, so if that freaks you out, dont look!

(Mr.Pate practicing disc golf)

(One beautiful dog)


(Seriously a pile of snakes just sitting in someone's front yard down the street!) 


(A few pics from the recent DNOW.)

What do you think?


  1. jealous!!! and those snakes give me the heeby jeebys

  2. um..why is there a family of snakes in your neighbor's yard? eek! what dslr did u get? i have a canon. love it! I'm headed to Lexington tomorrow to go to the horse park & keeneland to do some photo for fun. very excited! :)

  3. I have had my camera for about months now and haven't learned anything so I would personally love to glean from you all I need to know so feel free to be as detailed as you want.

  4. Emily- I have no idea why those snakes were there, it was the oddest thing. I got a Nikon d3000.

    Mel- He is a handsome boy isnt he? Love him!

    Kris- I got you covered.