Thursday, March 4, 2010

one twelfth

one twelfth of the little things that make up a year. one twelfth of the things that make me happy. one twelfth of the silly, meaningless details that make up a day, which make up a week, which make up a month, which make up a year, which make up the years of my life.

my favorite moments and things from february 2010:

  • Date Nights: We began setting aside an actual date night again this month and it has been fabulous. I have felt more connected, like more of a priority and more intimate because of this. Mr. Pate is just wonderful, you know?
  • Lava cake: I am so head over heels in love with this dessert and the fact I can make this dessert. This is probably not a great thing for me, but I sure did enjoy them this month! 
  • I really just love this website. You can find most songs (brand new ones are usually not available, but give it a month or two and you can find them) on here. Basically, its like listening to commercial free radio that never plays a song you dislike! This is my bff at work, and it makes everything I do at my desk more enjoyable. 
  • Girl Time: I had some great times of hanging out with some of my best friends this month, but one moment stands out from all the rest. Several of my college friends came to BG for a hangout day on Saturday this month, and then Mel, Duke and I went to see a movie and to eat at Moe's afterwards. That movie and dinner was one of my fav moments all month. It was just so relaxed, non-rushed and comfortable. They know me, and they love me- that is such a refreshing thing to be around. I mean- Mr.Pate knows me and loves me more than anyone on this earth, but there is something different about girlfriends you know? I needed that moment this month- 3 girls just doing life together. WELCOME TO MOE's! haha. 
  • Mario Brothers: Mr.Pate and I downloaded 2 of the original mario brothers to our wii this month. Ha! It takes you back to the old days I tell you. Mr.Pate gets pretty frustrated with me because I am so bad, and apparently he thought that since I liked the game when I was young that meant I was good at the game, which has never been true. I have always sucked at it (I mean I have a hard time jumping) but I still enjoy it! 
  • 5 O'Clock Club: This month I joined the 5 O'Clock Club and committed to getting up at 5 everyday to meet with Jesus. Though I didn't succeed everyday, it was a true blessing to have this time before the craziness of the day sets in. These quiet moments with my coffee mug  and the word in hand were priceless. 
Did any of you have a fav moment or memory from February?


  1. that sounds like such a great month! i am the same at mario on wii--we got the new one over christmas and i am HORRIBLE! maybe we should have a double date and let our husbands play competitively and we can just suck at it together! :)

  2. That Saturday definitely topped my list for favorite things in Feb!! Love my girls! Can't wait for May 1st!

  3. I loved hanging out with you guys too!! I definitely needed it too!!