Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can I get a little help please?

(If any guys actually read my blog, besides mr.pate, I apologize for excluding you completely in this post... but come to think of it, I prob do that alot. Sorry dudes!)

Alright people, this is a very important issue that I need your help with! 


I recently started wearing makeup semi-regularly again. Basically I recently started putting effort into what I look like at all, but that is a different post all together. Anyhow, now that I can finally wear contacts again I am wearing eye shadow and mascara too (When I wear glasses I just figure there is no reason to give the extra effort because your glasses hide your eyes anyhow) so that my pretty blue eyes will stand out! So I had to buy some new mascara because I literally had had the same one for over 4 years and it apparently turns to chalk in that time, who knew? Well I just picked one that said it "defined" your lashes and was semi cheap (I never buy makeup so I was alittle taken back to the $6 and $10 price tags of mascara). See I have long eyelashes and lots of them, so I figured I didnt need the "voluminous" ones (but really what do I know about this sort of thing?). Problem: it flakes off anytime I touch my eyes (I touch my eyes alot during any given day) and it smears when I cry or sweat (I cry and sweat alot on any given day)etc. This is the one I bought:

But it just aint cuttin it! Help!

My Needs:
  • Cheapish
  • Brown, Dark Black looks too drastic on me
  • I just want my eyes to pop a little and I am opposed to wearing eyeliner everyday, so this will have to do the trick!
So I am here to ask for any wisdom, what mascara do you use or what would you suggest for me??


  1. Lancome Lancome Lancome. BEST mascara ever!!!

  2. Maybelline Great Lash mascara in the pink and green tube. (not the waterproof) I have used this mascara in brownish-black for YEARS. I have tried other brands and other types and have always come back to this one. It lasts all day for me and never flakes or smudges. (I wore it when I wore contacts, as well, and never had a problem.)

    And it is not too expensive, around $5/tube, though it goes on sale at a lot of stores regularly and there are usually coupons out for it.

    Good luck in your quest!

  3. I never really buy the same mascara twice because I'm not all that specific in my needs since, like you, I already have long lashes. Last time, I bought Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe ( because it was fairly cheap. It works well. It doesn't flake, and I also touch my eyes a lot. It supposedly has "shimmer" (although they also make it in non-shimmer) but I don't think you can actually tell.

    Hope this helps.