Friday, March 5, 2010

because i am sure you are wondering... or maybe you have forgotten...

are you wondering which of these things is the truth?

sorry for making you wait so long, I was pretty certain I had published this post, but blogger is telling me otherwise. Even though none of my award winners have followed through and participated (slackers), I am going to give you my answers just because I am nice like that. I dont like holding out on ya. That's not how I roll. 

well congrats to elizabeth cheye for guessing right- #2 was the truth!

1. I only have half of a thyroid. I do not have a thyroid at all. 
2. I got in a fist fight on the bus when I was in Kindergarten. Yep Yep. I came from the hood, this is what people did- fought on the bus! Haha. Some girl hurt my bff's feelings and I decided to take up for her. Thats how I roll. 
3. I love to watch college football. Ick. I hate watching all sports. But occasionally I will watch with Mr.Pate. Occasionally. 
4. I graduated college with Honors. Nope, but in my defense I am a good student! It just took me awhile to apply myself. Mr.Pate likes to remind me that he had cords and I didnt on our graduation night. What a meany!  
5. I have been to 5 foreign countries. I have been to 3 foreign countries: Mexico, Canada and Korea. 
6. I have never gotten a ticket and have a perfect driving record. Ha! I am a good driver, but I started out a little rough. I got a ticket for everything (speeding, running a stoplight, running a stop sign, a wreck, etc) the first two years I was driving, so I had to go to a 6 hour defensive driving school (which was actually pretty cool and helpful). 

Are you surprised by any of the answers??


  1. number 1, youre hard core and I like that about you.

    number 2, this isn't about your post but I need you to know that you inspired me and a girl in my lifegroup to start getting up and spending time with Jesus. Its definitely a challenge but loving it so far (after just 2 days)!

    number 3, I need to know you read my budgeting post. I thought of you when I was writing it... hope I'm making you proud (I mean I hope I'm making the Lord proud but you secondarily :)).

  2. i was very curious--such fun facts!