Friday, March 12, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

I am joining in with Emily again and identifying 5 tangible things that made my life just a little more fabulous this week.

1. A Heart Rate Monitor: Sounds completely weird I know, but I love heart rate monitors! You where this little strap around your chest, right below your bra, and when you get on cardio machines they pick up your heart rate! Why would I care? Well to burn the most calories there is a certain heart rate range you should be in, and I am so lazy that if I didnt have this thing telling me how hard I was working then I would burn like 20 calories in my hour on the machine. So its like my own little personal trainer telling me to push harder.

2. DVR: I love being able to watch my shows whenever its good for me, and in good quality. I used to tape things with the old school VHS, but the sound was always horrid! I also love no commercials!!  It more time efficient! Haha.

3. Fit & Active French Vanilla Creamer: I went the whole month of Feb without this and it was sad times! This is an Aldi's brand creamer that I love love love! It tastes good and it is low sugar and fat free (read: low points). This stuff makes my life fabulous every morning! (Couldn't find a pic, so the closest thing I could find!)

4.Capri Pants:  Yay for Spring! This week's weather was so lovely, I was able to wear capri's for the first time since October. And the good news? They fit me alot better than in October! I even wore a pair of pants I have had for 4 years and never worn bc I bought them wayy too tight (but they were just so cute I had to get them!). Can we say celebration!

5. Kettle Corn Mini Bags: Yummy! They are considered a "filling food" on WW, and they satisfy that sweet craving in the afternoon just right. Only 1 pt people!

So what actual thing made your life amazing this week???


  1. wow, where did you get that heart monitor? Looks cool!

  2. I check them out each day from Preston. But they cost around $50 and up I think. If you workout at a gym you should check and see if they have them to check out, most do.