Friday, March 5, 2010

Name That Movie Friday!

Welcome to Name that Movie Friday! Don't know what that is? Find out here.

"I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."
"Because happiness just isn't happiness without a violin playing goat."
"Well this is tart... and fuzz free!"

Name that Movie!


  1. notting hill!! Love that movie!!

  2. I knew this one! But somebody beat me to it haha.

    Thanks for your comment on my "update" post. It was long overdue :-) In regards to the church change, the new church is about 30 mins away from my hometown, which is closer to BG too. But I will be working there while I'm going to seminary. I won't begin leading the youth until after this summer in Turkey, but I am joining this Sunday because I am excited about getting to know the people there before I dive into things. I have felt the Lord leading me there for a while now, but I have finally made up my mind to say, "OK You will." It's definitely a difficult choice for me, but I know God has great things in store for that church.

    Thanks for wanting to know what's going on in my life :-) You are always a source of encouragement and support! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you, even when I am not faithful in keeping up with my own!

  3. NOTTING HILL! I knew that one. Should have checked faster.

  4. Notting Hill! Good one! "This yogurt tastes weird. It's not yogurt, it's mayonnaise." Or something like that. Oh spike!!