Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aim- Check in #1

It has already been a month since I posted my goals for 2010! Time just flies these days! So I am back to face the music and see how I am doing so far, did I hit the target or forget to aim altogether?

1. Personal Goals:
  • Memorize the book of Philippians. Yep, the whole book. I have actually begun, which I was worried I would never do! So far- 1:1-16... 
  • Read 2 books a month. I have not completed a single book this month. But I have gotten 1/2 way thru one and read a little in the other one I am on. I am going to have to really get busy on this in March. 
  • Be social at least 3 times a month. Check! I actually did 5 social things this month (not counting youth events, which are social but work too), which was quite alot for me. It was good for me to make myself come out of hibernation! 
2. Marriage Goals:
  • Have a "connect" time each day- a time where we have intentional communication, a devo and prayer time. We didnt do this everyday, and maybe only averaged 2 or 3 times a week. That is still great, and I loved everytime, but I need to work at saving energy for this each night. 
  • Be more affectionate. I was not intentional about this and have no idea how I did. I will try better next month.
  • Practice the discipline of date night. Check. We had a date night 3 out of the 4 weeks! And they were wonderful. I am so glad we have started this discipline back up. I can see the difference in our relationship already. We are more patient with each other and just more on the same page about things.
3. Financial Goals:
  • Track our monthly spending to ensure we are actually living out our proposed budget. Well, I found and tweaked a spreadsheet to do this but I have not plugged in all our numbers yet. Thats a goal for this week. 
  • Give coupons another try. Not yet. I am not even going to attempt this until this summer probably.
  • Cut our grocery budget by 10%. I had 5% left at the end of the month, so thats an improvement! 
  • Be more diligent about contributing to our savings & retirement. Savings, check. Retirement, not so much. We really got to get on this. 
4. Physical Health:
  • No longer be considered insulin resistant. I know this sounds presumptuous or like I think I have control over my health, but in the case of insulin resistance you really can control having it or not by managing a healthy weight. I have been really bad this month at taking the medicine I am supposed to for this and I was supposed to do labs at the beginning of the month and have yet to do them. I have no idea whats up with me in that regard, I never miss my labs. I am going to try to do it this week! 
  • Get to my WW goal. Well Feb. was not the best month for that, but not the worst either. Total I lost .8 lbs for the month, which is nothing to complain about if I was really working at it. For some reason this month my head has not been in it, so I have struggled. I am still 6.4 lbs from goal. 
  • Do something physically active 5-6 times a week. Check. Mr.Pate and I played the wii a few times and went for some walks too. 
5. Project Goals:
  • Begin my Holiday memories scrapbook. Nope.
  • Create a family heritage cookbook for my side of the family and Justin's. Nope.
  • Make a price book. Nope. 

How are you doing on your goals this year? Anybody actually making progress??


  1. So wait, let me get this straight, you lost 8 pounds in February and you don't think that's good? That's awesome! And you are only 6 pounds away from your ultimate goal?? That is incredible! What was your original weight loss goal in the beginning?

  2. good for you on what you've accomplished so far! i still need to post my february wrap-up

  3. jamie- that was point eight lbs (.8 lbs) so not quite the achievement in 4 weeks. esp since i lost and gained and lost and gained constantly! suddenly i am out of control with sweets, i just dont know whats up. and i am hungry all the time!!

  4. Way to go on making progress. I should probably revisit some of mine. Thanks for prodding me on. One that I'm NOT making progress is