Monday, November 16, 2009

Why I love this week!

  • I dont know why, but I am excited to go back to work on Monday (weird I know).
  • My dgroup has not met in like three weeks, so hopefully we will meet and no one will be sick!
  • New episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Biggest Loser!
  • I am starting a new book, Mere Christianity, so I am kinda glad to have a change from parenting books (esp since I am not a parent...).
  • My bday is thursday (which I am using as an excuse to have a s'more in my backyard! Yay!
  • We are building a Christmas float on Saturday with our church for the Smiths Grove Christmas Parade- it's big time guys!
  • Mr.Pate and I are renting The Proposal this week! I have already seen it (and cant wait to see it again) but he has not, so I am pumped to see if he thinks its as funny as I do.
  • We are creating a new pate budget- i know i am a dork for looking forward to this, but I love budgets!
  • I am just feeling really good health wise and am just excited for what the week holds.
The picture and idea is from Heather at Live.Laugh.Love check her out.


  1. Your budget comment made me laugh out loud.

    Are you a movie talker??

  2. sounds like it will be great! your enthusiasm is adorable!

  3. i talk to the people in the movie and I get so wrapped up that Justin feels the need to constantly remind me it is just a movie!