Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, last week I turned 27. And I was going to write this post then, but now is as good a time as any. For some reason I have the desire to make lists lately, not just "To Do" lists, but my top this etc. also. So I am going to be doing a post each week on lists of "27" to satisfy my desire to list things. I apologize now for my personality, but here we are.

Week 1:
27 memories from my life
  1. Getting my Barbie corvette power-wheels when I was 5 (I think) for Christmas. We lived two houses down from my great-grandmother and I drove to our Christmas celebration there. I also gave every cousin that fit in a drive down the street. I was big stuff.
  2. Listening to the soundtrack of "Oliver and Company" on tape using my Walkman over and over again, when I was in Kindergarten.
  3. The "Talkboy" from home alone. Loved that toy!
  4. Spending the night at my cousin Amy's house when we were young. We were obsessed with polly pockets (the original), playing super nintendo, the movie "the Secret Garden", playing candyland, playing with cabbage patch kids and climbing into closets. She lived with her grandmother at the time and she would make us boiled eggs, celery, pancakes and other yummy yummy food (not altogether of course!).
  5. When my cousin Stormy was born, I was totally jealous. His sister SunniPat only wanted to hold him and stare at him and did not want to play with me!
  6. When Stormy was a kid, his sister and I would watch him. If he was being bad or annoying us, we would put him in my pantry (which was small and dark) and make him stay. Yep, someone should have called social services on us I am sure.
  7. The fair! Every August the fair would come, and I loved it every year.
  8. The christmas when I was in middle school and my sister took me shopping with her. I remember listening to "Ironic" by Alanis Moresette over and over again, and "When country wasn't cool" by Barbara Mandrel.
  9. Driving to the airport with Ashley to pick up my sister when I was in middle school. They were still in high school and he told me how much he had felt lost without her for the last 10 days. George Strait's "Carried Away" song was on. I think I knew at that moment he would one day be my brother.
  10. Having my softball team over for a sleepover one night. So much drama! One girl admitted being anorexic and bulimic, it was the first time I had ever known anyone like that.
  11. My birthday party my 5th or 6th grade year. We went to Denim and Diamonds with my parents and then had a sleepover. We got in our hot tub and kept jumping out, jumping on the trampoline while we were soaking wet (it was November) and then jumping back in. We were idiots.
  12. How cool I thought I was in 7th grade on game days when I got to wear my cheerleading uniform to school. Ha, I have seen the pictures and i was a sore sight thats for sure.
  13. Field day or something like that when I was in middle school. We got to sit outside most of the day and hang out. I was wearing my consignment store jeans with the slits in both knees. It totally used to be cool... wait hasnt that one come back in style?
  14. Freshmen year of high school, I found out my two best friends were smoking pot. I quit being friends with them. Willy was like my only friend for a while.
  15. Sophomore year I was best friends with Ginny and Shelly. I remember going to Don Wrights party and my old best friend starting a fight with me (pushed me to the ground) because she thought I liked her lame boyfriend. Ginny stood up for me and hit her or something.
  16. My first real "car" date was with Ben Scott. It was actually a really good date. But he and I were just not meant to be. He is a hippy, and I am too straight edged.
  17. Riding in Stephen's car after we had gone to the swim meet in Nashville where Byron ignored me. We had just broken up and I was sooo depressed. Now I want to look back at the "me" then and slap some sense into her. Ah the melodrama of high school!
  18. Driving to the hospital after the accident with Michael. I am pretty sure my heart was not beating.
  19. Sitting outside the police station, my dad finally told me Michael had actually died. The world literally stood still.
  20. Driving to WKU the week before we started college. Gas was $0.99 at the swifty on Nashville Rd and it was the first time I realized you could see the hill from there.
  21. The first night we stayed in our dorm at WKU, Bemis Hall. Kristen and I both cried ourselves to sleep.
  22. The first time I saw mr.pate, he was yelling at someone on the Intramural field. I was terrified of him. I thought he must be one of those "live for sports" kids who are so annoying. Ha...
  23. The girls night in Schnieder hall sophomore year. Maryem, Duke, Amanda, and Cheye were there (maybe someone else). Finally I was making real friends in college.
  24. Breaking Free bible study by Beth Moore. I would sit at the table outside our dorm room and be consumed with the Word. It was the first time I truly loved it.
  25. The night mr.pate and I talked on IM about going on a date, and I told him he had to ask me in person.
  26. The next three days he made me wait until he finally asked me.
  27. The week before I got a job this year, I had a complete breakdown one day and wept before the Lord. I wanted so badly to believe he would provide but it was getting harder by the minute. One week later, the phone finally rang. Thats how life goes doesn't it?


  1. I love this post, but I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday! :)

  2. I totally had a talkboy and loved it! I wanted to be all sneaking and catch people saying things without them knowing. ha!

    Who is michael? I lost one of my best friends my junior year to a car accident. It is awful!

    i am getting better at this blogging and commenting thing, huh? :-) You set a good example!

  3. talkboys were the bomb!(yep i said bomb)

    michael was one of my best friends in high school. he died the first week of may my senior year (yep like right before I graduated) from a gunshot wound. we were headed somewhere and he and a friend got in a play fight over who would get shotgun, the other guy was a redneck and pulled out a gun playing around. a bullet lodged in Michael's spine and killed him. this is why i hate guns.

    you are getting good at the blogworld! i do what i can!

  4. LOVE this--it made me remember so many wonderful times too! Happy belated birthday!