Sunday, November 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/23-11/29

Well, I just realized that I have not even begun to think of a plan for this week... I was catching up in google reader and saw SnoWhite's menu plan and then thought "hum... I knew I forgot something today"! Random. Anyhow, here is a rough estimate I suppose. I am going into the week already feeling a little defeated when it comes to WW. I know its the holidays and I ned to just relax, which is fine if it were just one day, but when it is all said and done I will have "celebrated" thanksgiving 4 times. The average american consumes 3000 calories at one thanksgiving meal. 12000 calories people. I should just starting running now and stop next month! Ha!

Monday: going to Gallatin to celebrate my bday with the fam (I will eat Zero point soup bc I am having thanksgiving dinner at work for lunch! ugh)

Tuesday: Broccoli, Chicken, Potato, Parmesan Skillet

Wednesday: Ravioli

Thursday: Thanksgiving here w/ mr.pate's side of the family. I am making the Turkey, gravy, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes (well mr.pate on the potatoes).

Friday- fasting! haha! leftover? who know??

Saturday- Celebrating Becky's bday, do you see my dilemma people?? why does everything revolve around food??

Go to Org.Junkie for more thought through plans. Peace out homies. Pray for self-control!


  1. i just ate 6 molasses spice cookies right out of the oven...shame

  2. girl you should have seen me around the desserts yesterday at my work lunch! ugh!!! sugar or choc have such control over me!