Friday, September 18, 2009


So I was randomly reading a blog the other day, and came across an interesting goal list. This goal list was not made up of things the person thought they needed to do, or should do, or felt obligated to do. it was not a list of things they would have to force themselves to do if it killed them. it was a list made up of things they wanted to do simply for the fun of it. yep completely focused on pleasure and nothing more. and i loved the idea of it! so without further ado, my list-of-things-i-want-to-do-in-autumn-simply-because-i-want-to-do-them-and-i-wont-feel-bad-about-it:

  1. lay in my hammock at least once a week
  2. have a leaf fight
  3. eat a carmel apple with nuts
  4. make s'mores in my backyard (yes i live in the city limits and if anyone of you tells on me i am coming after you!)
  5. go to a bonfire and hayride (someone is going to need to have one of these so i can do this... please?!)
  6. dress up for halloween
  7. carve an amazing pumpkin (Sims family pumpkin carving 09 is just around the corner-oh yea!)
  8. make something crafty out of some natural fall stuff...
  9. make pumpkin choc chip cookies


  1. definitely sounds awesome! these goals are great--if you don't have a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies i've seen one in one of my thousands of cookbooks.
    yay for fall!

  2. yes it was good ol katie bower who inspired the list! and you knowing that means you are as addicted to blogs as me my friend!

  3. 1. love these goals
    2. if you need someone for a leaf fight i'm here
    3. jackson's orchard has AMAZING carmel apples with nuts