Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why I love This Week!

  • I am finally getting into a routine with housekeeping stuff, so I dont feel overwhelmed going into the week! (I am trying the one thing a day approach)
  • Another episode of "The Big Bang Theory", "The Biggest Loser" and "The Office" (I cannot believe I have become an office fan, who would have thought? Duke are you proud?)... I love my shows!
  • I get to meet with my dgroup again! We missed last week due to sickness, so I am ready to go!
  • We are going to Whit and Ben's to watch Biggest Loser, which is super exciting b/c we never go and hangout at anyone's house!
  • Youth small group tonight- we are doing an incredible study and I am pumped about their growth!
  • We are going to Louisville this weekend for the Pate Thanksgiving celebration. I love Justin's family, they are just great! I am hoping to get to see the Brainard's while we are there so that would be a double bonus!
  • I am getting a Hot Stone massage on Friday at work! I am told it is an amazing experience, but I will let you know after Friday.
"Why I love this week!" is Heather's over at Live.Laugh.Love idea. Check her out!


  1. Sabrina, I knew you would come around! I am so proud of your new love for The Office. You should always listen to know that!! haha

  2. yay for the office! we are "how i met your mother" fans rather than big bang theory. Hot stone massages are AMAZING and you will love it. and I'm going to louisville this weekend too! I will definitely see Amanda b/c I'm going to Abigail's baby shower. funny that we'll both be there.