Monday, September 21, 2009


This is officially my 100th blog post. I say officially because I have two other posts that were written before this one but are scheduled to post later... yes I write most of my posts all at once and then schedule them to come out all week (did you think i did nothing but sit at this computer and type all day! ha). nonetheless, according to blogger i started this blog in June 2008. and in a years time I have written 100 posts of nonsense.

I brainstormed several clever ways to post for the 100th time, but am i really that person? nope. i am neither trendy, funny or clever. so i abandoned those ideas and just thought i would blame those who got me hooked.

100 posts ago, kristi and natalie got my started on reading blogs. one day while i sat at my desk in the IM-Rec sports office on a hot day, i decided to start a blog of my own. i had no idea what to write and felt like an idiot... but it gave me something to do and i enjoyed other peoples blogs so much! you can read my first post ever here. pretty lame, but thats pretty much me!

over 100 posts later, i am addicted to this blog world. a 100 posts ago i had no idea the subculture that awaited me... really the subcultures because i have found that ANYONE can find their niche in the blog world. enjoy cooking? theres a blog for that! passionate about crafting? theres a blog for that! crazy about couponing? theres a blog for that! and for homeschooling, music, reading, home decor, social justice, health, working out, gossip, etc etc etc. (just realized how much this sounds like an iphone commercial... sorry i watch alot of tv!)

so here is to 100 more posts in what has totally become my online journal, accountability partner and friend to run to when no one is around. ok now i really do sound completely lame. peace out homies!


  1. Happy 100th blog post!!! I have no idea how many ive im curious!

  2. yay for 100! i've loved reconnecting with you through your blog!

  3. nah, not lame at all :-) i enjoy your blogs...and the recipes that you put on here! i'm not a good blogger, but you are my blogging inspiration! haha...seriously. that's lame :-) keep writing and sharing what's inside your's pretty insightful, even if you don't think so! love you girl!