Friday, June 6, 2008

the beginning...

i have a summer job where i am in front of a computer for hours on end...sooooo.... i decied to try the blogging thing. and the only thing on my mind?


i miss being a kid in the summer. remember when you were too young to work or pay bills? and summer was spent riding your bike, watching tv, playing outside or swimming? how i long for those days again.

but instead i am having an adult summer. and i have come to realize that this is my reality. get up, go to work, come home and eat, go to church softball, go to sleep and get up and do it all again! (ok maybe it isnt quite that boring or bad- but you get the picture)

i want to swim and lay by the pool. i want to go to amusement parks. i want to sleep in till noon and stay up till 2am. oh well... back to work!

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