Tuesday, September 15, 2009

getting ahead of ourselves are we?

it seems like in the last two weeks, everywhere i look people are talking about fall. and not just talking about it in the "i am so excited for it to finally get here" kinda way, but in the "all my tanks and shorts are put up and i am in my long sleeves bc it is fall" kind of way.

so i have been thinking: people... aren't we getting ahead of ourselves just a bit? the official date of fall beginning is september 22nd! and it is blazing hot outside still!! (well in my neck of the woods it is!)

but today the stark reality hit me... the 22nd of september is next week. as in a week from today. WHAT? we are one week away from the fall season of 2009?? where did this year go? after the shock of it settled down in my brain, i began getting super excited.

usually i only want spring and summer. but this year i am in love with the idea of fall. i dont know if it will live up to my expectations, but i sure hope so. the crisp briskness in the cool air, a light jacket, a warm drink from the bucks, the beautiful colored crispy leaves in my yard, and me in my hammock. fall, my love, come quickly... "the world waits with breath abated!" (can anyone guess that movie??)


  1. No joke! It seems like everyone has just skipped right on to fall...which is sad for this summer lover!! But it is pretty crazy how time is flying by this year.
    PS-What are you up to on Tuesdays? We're officially moving to Owensboro this week but I'll be back on Tuesdays and would love to catch up occassionally.

  2. I'm in SC, and it is starting to cool down just a little and I'm LOVING it! I pretty much love ALL the seasons, when they first begin!
    This year has FLOWN by, it's like every year time goes by faster and faster. It's kind of sad.

  3. nat- during the day on tuesdays i am obviously free as a bird right now... usually at nights too but this week justin is speaking at 180. when is a good time to hang out? i am going to miss you!!!

    shay-thanks so much for your comments lately. i am totally feeling you on time just seeming to speed up every year... it is strange!