Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today is the Day...

Today is the day we (hopefully) find out what gender our baby is! Woo Hoo!! I am sooo excited and not really sure how I am going to focus through the work day until then. Our appointment is at 3pm followed by my 20 week appt with Dr.Gass at 4pm. 

Here is the deal blog friends- we are having a gender reveal party with our family on Sunday... so until then mum is the word. Sorry, you will have to wait till then. Just wanted to go ahead and let you know that so you werent expecting a post tonight or anytime soon. 

In other news, nursery ideas are coming along. The picture below may be a "mood board (Young House Love style)" of my plans for right now. Still not completely set and several things to decide, such as a paint color. Maybe tan, light yellow, blue, green... I just do not know. Hummm.... but here is a sneak peek for now:

The blue fabric will be used for curtains and a cute minky blanket, the other things are the wall decor so far and then middle is bedding I found on Buy Buy Baby for $99 (plus 20% off) for 6 pieces! The cute owls are from a friend and will be painted some fun color for a pop. There you have it for now. Ill update as it progresses. 

Happy Thursday!