Friday, February 18, 2011

I can tell you...

A few things I can tell you:

- Baby Pate is healthy and growing. Sooo cute!
- During the ultrasound we could only see one eye, but it looked wide open. So I kept saying it was giving us the one eyed Willie! Ha
- We were able to find out the gender.
- As advised by a friend, I drank a regular soda before (to make sure baby was active). I am fairly certain it made me tons more hyper than the baby. Mr. Pate was very annoyed by all of my talking! Ha!
- I had to walk up the hill today and I swear I could not breath by the time I got to the top! I sounded like someone who hasn't gotten off the couch in ten years, not someone who works out daily. Is there such a thing as preggo induce asthma?
- Last night, after finding out the gender we went to buy something for the Baby. Typically I think people go buy some outfit for that gender. What did we buy? A diaper bag. Ha! We are such practical people. But it was a pretty cheap one that we both actually liked... And it's actually gender neutral! Go figure.
- I love Amy on Big Bang Theory. Great character Addition. I love how she has self proclaimed herself as Penny's BFF. We just watched this weeks episode and I disliked the Howard storyline but loved the Leonard storyline.

That's all I can tell you... And I'll be back on Sunday to tell you the part you actually want to know : )

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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