Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Monday

- If it is going to keep snowing on us, then I would like it to be one really-good-shut-you-in-the-house-even-Wku-and-starbucks-close kind of snow. This whole "there is snow on the ground but just wet and mildly slick roads" is gettin real old real fast.
- I think I might be entering the part of pregnancy where I get lower back pain. Either that or I majorly overdid something this weekend.
- I thought the Black Eyed Peas sounded horrid. Anyone else??
- I literally did not watch a second of the game... And about five minutes after it was over I looked up and was like "oh someone won".
- I have begun reading "Along the Infant Way" which is the bible study version of Babywise. I will share my thoughts when I am done, but I can tell how this book would totally get your expectations up. They just so strongly say that if you do this your baby will sleep and be so content. But I know dear friends who totally did Babywise and their child just didn't want to sleep. I still like it so far, but I am trying to constantly remind myself to not have crazy expectations.
- Bowling Green has a Camera Club. Once a month they meet and it's just a way to better your skill etc. I am going to my first meeting tomorrow night!
- I am still so tired it's ridiculous. I sleep tons and wake up exhausted. I am realizing I will prob not experience the burst of energy so many do during the 2nd trimester and trying to remind myself that this can just prepare me for having a newborn.

How was your Monday?

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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