Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is my Confession....

Who is singing Usher after reading that title?? Anyone? Just me? Oh well... 
  • Now that I am pregnant, I find myself practically stalking every pregnant person or new mom I know on Facebook. Why? I do not really know. Maybe I want to see what they are going through or what life will soon be like. 
  • I have the book Baby Bargains. Its a book that helps you know what to get for a baby- cribs, monitors, car seats etc. It is a little overwhelming, really just the amount of stuff babies need is overwhelming. Anyhow, my confession is that I have been trying to go section by section and plan which things I want to register for or buy. And though I have read lots and looked up lots of stuff online, I just haven't really picked anything. Kinda feels like lots of time wasted... but I had to do something while Mr.Pate closed at Starbucks : )
  • I think I am addicted to researching and looking at cloth diapers. 
  • I am completely overwhelmed by the thought of decorating a nursery. There are too many options and things are just too expensive. I wish someone would just come do it for me and make it just how I would like it. Any takers?
  • This morning I had my first "I am pregnant and I can eat anything I want" experience. I ate an entire package of cinnamon rolls... by myself. In my defense, it was over a 3 hour period and not all at once. And it wasnt completely my fault- I would have shared with Mr.Pate but he was sleeping in too long for me. So I had to make a whole other package when he got up! Ha!
  • I had another stranger ask me when I am due today. I am loving that. Then he talked to me all about babies and delivery etc. I think its sweet when people automatically want to talk to you about it. 
  • We have a Birth Class at the Medical Center all day on Saturday. I am excited! AND we start our weekly Bradley Classes on Monday night. Woo Hoo! 
  • Mr.Pate has been super sweet and helpful thru this pregnancy so far. He helps around the house without me asking him, and he serves me even more and is just sweet. There is also plenty of teasing me going on... especially after my splurge this morning! Ha! 


  1. when i was pregnant i would get 2 bags of chips from the vending machine and empty them into one so that no one would no i ate two bags.

    i would love to decorate your nursery.

    i also became obsessed with other pregnant ppl, it is how i started watching shows like tori and dean, secret life of the american teenager and sixteen and pregnant.

  2. I am not a stalker (Just another preggo girl that saw your blog from another blog I read). I have LOTS of the same confessions you have!

    I love reading and "stalking" other preggo women and new moms.

    I did the same thing with the Baby Bargins book and the nursery. BTW, I found cheap bedding I liked and took one small step at a time and I love it now.

    Ne blog is feel free to leave comments

  3. Sabrina!!!!!

    Ok, first of all, I'm all about stalking other pregnant women, new moms and dads, and any baby photographers that I can get my hands on.

    I must get my hands on that Baby Bargains book. It sounds very helpful!

    Patrick and I found cloth diapers that we LOVE. We've been purchasing one per week (each paycheck). It's Fuzzi Bunz. You are welcome to check them out if you'd like. We have 4 so far.

    I would also love to help with the nursery. I'm really excited about ours. We've picked almost everything out!

    Oh yeah, I think that because you've been exercising, it took you longer to want to eat everything in sight. I need to start working out STAT because I've been eating like a CHAMP. I kind of ashamed at some of the things I've pulled. . .

    I haven't had too many experiences with strangers yet, but I'm looking forward to it

    I've heard a little bit about this Bradley Method. I'm curious to see what you think. Any info would be appreciated!

    Oh, and aren't husbands the best!! I couldn't imagine doing this on my own.

    Let's get together soon. I'd love to come over, or have you come over here, and just exchange stories! Also, do you think Becky would be up for cookie decorating? I would LOVE to learn how to use royal icing!

  4. Crystal- I have watched the movie Nine Months probably 10 times since I got preggo! Ha!

    1. I got my Baby Bargins book on amazon pretty cheap. Make sure you get the 8th edition.
    2. I didnt know you guys were going to use cloth? I have registered for some Fuzzibunz, BumGenius, Smartipants, and a few other smaller brands. I definitely want to see yours though. Smart idea to buy one a paycheck...
    3. I cant believe you have already picked out all your nursery stuff. I think I am just picky. Ha!
    4. Lets definitely hang out soon, and we can talk Bradley too. They dont have the classes here, so we will be driving to Hendersonville Tn every week. But all my friends who took the classes loved them.

  5. If I lived closer, I'd be in that nursery today with a paint roller.

  6. Mandy-I wish you lived closer, I would just make you do the whole thing : )

  7. Would love to help with the nursery. Not bragging but think I did pretty good jobs with both of my kids nurseries and their rooms as they have changed. I love to do kids rooms, so much fun.