Saturday, February 26, 2011

A great day

Today was a great day. Nothing extra special or extraordinary, but just great. What did I do today?

  • Went to the childbirth class at The Medical Center. It was long, but informative. The highlight was wen the teacher made the guys practice pushing... Mr.Pate on the floor trying to reach his knees was hilarious. Loved it. 
  • Spent some time with our friends Lindsay and Matt. They are pregnant too, so its been neat to take the journey with them. They went to the class too, and then we had lunch and chilled. Good times. 
  • Went over to my friend Whit's house and spent some long overdue time with her and her daughter Ellie. I gotta get my practice in now right? Ha! It was a lovely time. 
  • Met with one of my youth for much longer than I thought at Starbucks tonight. We talked about everything under the sun and then some. It was awesome. 
That is a lot of people interaction in one day-Especially for a hermit like me! It is starting to warm up and once again I am coming out of my self-inflicted hibernation that happens every winter. I think the thing that made today great is fellowship. I forget how life-giving good fellowship is! Last weekend I had the same experience with my girlfriends coming in town, and getting to see our families. It is spending time really talking about life with people that brings more joy to my heart than anything! How do I so often forget that and think I am giving myself more rest or energy by staying home all by my lonesome? Silly logic I think. 

One other note from today, I was once again reminded that the Lord so uses me trying to speak Truth into others lives to really speak it to me. I have always said that I never feel closer to the Lord than when I am teaching. This is because He somehow uses whatever I think I am teaching others to really teach the truth to me. It really sinks in when I am teaching. I have no idea if the people I am teaching or investing in get that much from it, but it is so worth doing just for me to "get it". Tonight with my youth was one of those occurrences. As I tried to implant the Word of God in her, I realized I was really implanting it in me. Truths I could say, but needed to really live out. It was good for me, I needed it badly. I think for a lot of people pregnancy is a time when they feel they depend on God the most and feel the closest to Him, but for me it has been a real struggle. Never before have I tried so desperately hard to depend on myself. That is hilarious to say because how in the world can I be depending on myself right now? This time is sooo out of my control and different than anything I have ever experienced. And yet I am trying to prepare for it with my own knowledge, plan and strength instead of the Lords. Only He is in control. 

Well, those are my late night thoughts after a day that has energized me a bunch! I am very wired right now (even though it is almost 12!) because the fellowship of the day has energized me a ton. Ha! Hope you had a great day too. Good night!


  1. i love your heart for people! thank you for giving ellie and i a chunk of your day! it blessed me more than you know! cant wait to be mommies together!! :)

  2. glad for such a good day--and i find the exact same thing true for myself about teaching. It is so humbling!