Tuesday, February 22, 2011

222 Tuesday

I know its not earth shattering, but I just realized that today is 2/22... anyhow...
  •  I so have a post I want to type up with a long list of songs from the past and what they remind me of. Not that most of you probably care, but there are a few of you who would highly enjoy it I do believe. I just have to find time to type it all up... ugh. (I know you are thinking- how are you typing this one but dont have time? Quick thought on the iphone are much easier to get out during my workout... thats right- I blog while I workout and build a baby-- super woman!)
  • We have gone shopping crazy. By crazy I mean that Mr.Pate and I actually purchased a few things baby related. Watch out! Ha! We ordered the fabric for our curtains (cant wait for it to come in! hope its as cute as I think it is), some overpriced-but-ohh-so-cute alphabet wall decals, and a few random cloth diapers (a less mainstream company that I read reviews on and wanted to see for myself). Now I am like a kid waiting for Christmas... come on UPS!
  • I finished the book I was reading and am hoping to post book notes so I wont forget the info. That should be a riveting post people... I apologize in advance. Realize this blog is more for me than you... get over it : )
  • I got to see some of my fabulous friends this weekend! Shout out to Elizabeth who brought all of her maternity clothes and a big goodie bag of cloth diapers for me!! Who gets excited over diapers? That would be me... Anyhow- Duke and I went through the clothes and had a fashion show! Ha! She had all kinds of cute shorts that little short me couldnt do (total bummer) but I got lots of cute tops to borrow! They have fun maternity sayings on them such as "I love my bump I love my bump!" how cute!! 
  • My fabulous mother went on a shopping spree on Saturday and delivered all kinds of clothes to me on Sunday! Yay!
  • The thought of a little boy is totally growing on me. At first, I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed. I was so glad that the baby was healthy and that it was a boy, but there was a part of me that was heartbroken I wouldnt have a little girl. So the idea of a boy is all new to me- but I cant wait! Do you know how fabulous my hubby will be with a son?? I cannot wait to see it.
  • I got to hangout with small babies on Saturday- it was wonderful! 
  • I am loving when we have warm weather (today is cold-boo)! I can already feel myself coming out of hibernation and suddenly wanting to hangout with people. Thank you people in my life for putting up with me through the cold months. I really do nothing but sit in my house. Dont take it personally. Warm-weather Sabrina is so much cooler... 
Whats up with you on 222 Tuesday?? 

....... oh yea, here is a pic of the overpriced but too cute wall decals:
too perfect for our other alphabet animal wall thing eh???

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  1. love the wall decals, and I also LOVE that you were honest about your initial feelings about wanting a girl. I kinda hate when people don't admit the truth there. Not that you won't love you child, but we all hope for one or the other at some point. love you dear!