Thursday, February 24, 2011

I go back....

As previously mentioned, here is the post on songs that take me back... back to childhood, middle school, high school or college. These are just random songs that keep popping in my head for no reason. I hope it takes some of you down memory lane. In no particular order...

  1. Mr. Ice Cream Man (Master P): Reminds me of Willie's van Freshman and Sophomore year. 
  2. Champagne Supernova (Oasis): Reminds me of middle school and Michael & Elliot. 
  3. The Woman with You (Kenny Chesney)- Reminds me of when I started dating Mr.Pate in college. Such sweet times those were. 
  4. No Such Thing (John Mayer): Reminds me of working at Sonic the summer after Freshmen year of college. It would always come on while I was sweeping the lot and closing the store. I made a lot of money that summer. 
  5. I'll Fly Away (Nelly Furtado): Senior year of high school... this was one of the first songs I downloaded to Napster and burnt to a cd! Ha! 
  6. Hello World (Bella Perez): Its a song from the movie "Down to You" that I feel in love with Junior Year of High School. It was a song my girlfriends and I would drive around and sing at the top of our lungs in my saturn. 
  7. Fast Cars and Freedom (Rascal Flatts): The summer after we graduated college and Mr.Pate and I were engaged! I remember loving this song and us driving around with it blaring. I was young and so in love with that man that my heart wanted to burst! 
  8. You Look Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton): Willie's van freshmen and sophomore year of high school. We would listen to this on our way home from hanging out wherever on weekend nights and it made me depressed and want to be in love so bad! Also reminds me of Amy and Brandon dating in middle school. Random!
  9. Pretty when I'm drunk (Bloodhound Gang): Spring Break Junior year and Gatlinburg.... oh my. 
  10. La La LaLaLa (Cant remember real name or who sang it): Makes me think of the mixed cd that Kara made for Hibbard... that we highjacked and loved. We would ride around and sing it so loud! 
  11. Why Should I Worry (Billy Joel in Oliver and Company): I remember I had the soundtrack on tape when I was in Kindergarten, and I would listen to this song over and over again. 
  12. Ironic (Alanis Morissette): This song makes me think of a Christmas in middle school. I remember going Christmas shopping and listening to this in the blue nissan with Misty. 
  13. When Country wasnt cool (Barbara Mandrell): Reminds me of my sister and wranglers. She always sang this so well! 
  14. Does He Love You (Reba and Linda Davis): My sister and I used to sing this together like we were pros. Ha! 
  15. Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice): When this song came out I was in elementary school. I remember being in my sisters room with her friends (cant remember who for the life of me) and then dancing and trying things like the worm to this song. Ha!
  16. As Is & Gravel (Ani Difranco): Cort turned us on to Ani Difranco in high school. These two were my absolute favorites and I sang them all the time! I remember one night, Michael was driving me around in my car (Karen had an out of town game so we were wasting time waiting for her) and he was signing gravel out loud too... it was funny to hear a guy singing the man hating song! Ha! 
  17. Summer Girls (LFO): Junior Year after I had the horrid breakup, Cortney and I would ride around in her altima and sing this song. It makes me think of Vol State and baseball players as well as sponge painting butterflies in her room. Ha!
  18. Your Winter (Sister Hazel): Just reminds me of high school period. 
  19. If I had a Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies): Reminds me of Starwood and going to see them live. Oh I miss Starwood....
  20. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes): College and Duke dancing! 
  21. Wait for Me (Rebecca St.James): Sophomore year of college when I was really growing in my faith and starting to actually see the Holy Spirit change me. 
  22. Audience of One (Big Daddy Weave): Sophomore & Junior Year of college. 
  23. Gold digger: Dancing in my veil in the BCM apartment with the girls. Classy! Ha!
  24. Mariah Carey and Boys II Men: Middle School dances. 
  25. Surrender: Spring Break on the Myrtle Beach mission trip and Ben singing it. Love that song. 
  26. Should Have Been a Cowboy: Makes em think of Karen and Kristen everytime. 
  27. Lisa Loeb: Oh High School and drama. 
I feel like I could go on and on, but I am getting pretty tired at this point. Your turn- what songs take you back?? Share! 


  1. Seven Nation Army always makes me think of Rach too. She loved that song! So did I!

  2. Bahahahaha! Glad I could be such an influence on music selection. I still listen to Ani DiFranco when I need a "think" day. These are some of the exact songs I was thinking of when you first blogged about music.