Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late Wednesday Thoughts

::: Last night I went to my first photography club meeting. It was interesting to say the least. Let's just say that majority of the room were AARP members. My mentor is the one who invited me and I am excited to go and learn more, and get extra time with her!

::: At the meeting I experienced a first- the first time a stranger noticed I was pregnant! It was exciting and confusing at first. The lady said "Whens the big day?" and I looked at her like she was crazy. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she pointed to my stomach and I totally got it. I was so pumped that people can actually tell now! You spend almost half of pregnancy (for some people longer) not looking pregnant; until now that had never occured to me. That lady made my week.

::: It snowed today. A. Lot. At least for us. WKU closed campus at 2, which means I came home around 3:30! Woo hoo! And even better news is that I don't have to go to work until 12 tomorrow!! I am pumped. It may not be a whole snow day, but I will take it with gladness.

::: Even though I am completely over snow and winter, today's snow was actually pretty.

::: I had to participate in a Yoga Audition today (yes, I sometimes get paid to take exercise classes!) and it was a pretty new agey one. At one point we did a breathing exercise where we had to stick our tongues out down to our chins and make funny noises. It felt silly. Ha! But it was relaxing.

::: I have not been feeling Baby Pate much lately, at least I don't think I have. I am having these weird feelings in my stomach, but I think they may be growing pains where my belly is stretching. I am not sure at all really ans that's fine bc I know the definite constant moving will come. But just to comfort me, we listened to the heartbeat tonight. It took forever for us to find it! We kept finding mine, which is considerably slower. But the. We finally heard the Baby and as soon as we did it dissappeared. So we searched again and found it and them it disappeared! Baby Pate was trying hard to get away from that thing that was pushing in on them! Ha! But it sounded good. Yay! Thanks Mist for the fabulous Christmas present. I love it.

::: I am helping plan my 10 year high school reunion. Yep, it's been ten years! Anyhow, things are finally starting to get moving, so I am just hoping for some people to start buying tickets! We have some really fun ideas I think. It's this July, which should be interesting time for me...

::: Bc of said reunion planning, today I was thinking of music from my high school days. Nothing takes you back like music. Ha! I thought of some funny times. That might have to be a whole blog post on it's own.

Definitely time for bed. I am sleeping in and making cinnamon rolls tomorrow... Yummy!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone


  1. Sabrina, I feel like we are leading the same life in different bodies! Ha. Sounds like things are going well. Will there be another opportunity for the photo class? That sounds really awesome! I've been working on my class reunion too! I'm interested to hear what ideas you all have. I forwarded your registration site to the committee! We've had word out since November, but we're having a hard time getting money in. Hard to plan without the dough! Anyway, have a great morning, and please be safe going in to work today!

  2. such fun things! i loved this snow too--so pretty! but kinda sad b/c hubs & i haven't played in the snow at all this year :(

  3. I could write an novel on all our high school music selections.