Thursday, December 8, 2016

September in Review

Well September, and now almost all of October, went by in a flash! Here is what we were up to in the Pate household!

Grady finally fit (and would finally wear) his matching sandals with Bubba. Griffin LOVES when they match, so he was an excited big brother.

We tried to get in as much end-of-the-season time at Beech Bend as possible.

Grady's teacher sent me this picture of his new preferred way of sleeping! Haha! He is such a roller, I tell you!

Griffin had tie-dye day at school!

And he wanted to wear his music shirt from the Bostick's to music class, because this kid loves a theme! Haha He takes after his Gammy Becky!

Grandparents day at school! Griffin was lucky enough for both Grandma and Papaw to drive 2 hrs and come down for this! One loved kid I tell you!

We had a park night for church! So much fun!

I found this old pic of Griffin from the age Grady is now and just had to compare to show people how much they do favor- minus the red hair!

Grandma brought Griffin a poster and he hung it himself! Go Cards!

We got in the school groove. Everyday Griffin brings this folder home, and it shows us what color his clip was on at the end of the day, has notes and homework etc and has an envelope for us to send things/ice cream money back.

This kid continued his love for all things ball. He is such a natural athlete and is seriously so happy to throw a ball all day and night! Still sleeps with a ball every night!

As we played outside one night, Griffin wrote his whole name down the stones. He is learning so much at school!

With the slow change in time (really not until Nov) I have been able to see these beautiful sunrises lately!

This is one of Grady's favorite friends from school- Zoey! She is a doll, and they adore each other.

This is Grady's Grandma at school (they have the foster grandparent program). She is from Russia and Grady LOVES her! So precious.

We went to a Bear Block Party at school. Griffin got up the nerve to prove to us he is not scared of mascots! Wow!! Good thing because Gammy Becky decided we are pre- celebrating Christmas at Disneyworld the week before Christmas!!! Wow!

Grady finally stopped using the zippadee thing (kind of like a star shaped zip blanket/loose swaddle). He is now sleeping with blankets and a pillow.

Nursery cuties.

Pirate day at school- complete with a wooden peg arm!

Griffin was a Bear of the Week at school!

And they had a nursery rhyme play. Griffin was a narrator for Little Boy Blue. He did great and was so darn cute!! I'll do a whole post on it bc I have so many pics! Haha

We played a lot of games and Grady started joining in. Love love love!

Random McCartney transformation for you :-)

Griffin helped someone move some furniture, and they rewarded him with some money that he chose to use for Stakz.

Pawsitive Referrals :-) That's Griffins principal!

I had a Sassy and Brassy party.

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