Friday, December 23, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Epcot Part 1

We hit up a photo op in our resort lobby before heading out today :-)

Then we headed off to Epcot it up! We went straight over to Soarin' to see if we could get in quickly (Kris's recommendation) and it totally worked! We got in with only a 20 minute wait. That ride was AMAZING! I am serious it was one of the coolest rides I have ever been on. It stimulates you soaring over different scenes from across the world, and it was so cool. We got a rider swap so Mr.Pate could ride it later too. Yay!

Then we headed over to Spaceship Earth, which is the ride in the big ball.

It hasn't changed in forever and seemed dated compared to all the others. But I still enjoyed it. Towards the end they do a little video with your faces and it was hilarious!

We peaked in on Joy and Sadness and Baymax after that. Their lines were crazy!

But we had a FPP for Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy!

Grady is really starting to come around to the characters too.

Then we headed over to Garden Grill for lunch with Pluto, Mickey, Chip and Dale! This restaurant was great too. It revolved around slowly, which was a neat touch. The food was so good! A theme for us!

Our waitress tipped us off that Pluto did tricks, so we had him sit and shake :-) He also signed Griffins book on his nose and then gave it back to Griffin on his nose- which Griffin thought was so funny!

Grady loves "Kluto" so he was a hit with both!

So much food, and so good!


Chip decided to sit in Grady's highchair with us, haha!

Becky and Cam were on the inside so they didn't get any pictures with characters, but Becky took pictures of me and Derick with both Chip and Dale... made us look like we were big fans. Hahaha!

We really enjoyed our lunch and the characters. But now it was time to head out in the heat...

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