Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas 2016: Walk Thru Bethlehem

After Griffin's Music Program, we met the Broady's at the live nativity Grace Baptist puts on every year. Last year it was unseasonably warm, this year it was bitter bitter cold!

The kids always enjoy the donkey at the entrance to the city...

The amazing thing about this nativity is not only do they put in a ton of work, but the same people have been doing it all the years we have gone. The guy below always tells the same story in the exact same way! "Inn and out, Inn and Out, Inn and Out"! Haha! We were glad to see him bc last year we felt like he didn't look like he was doing too good....

The baby cow was more popular than the fake baby Jesus...

Then we went in the tent for hot chocolate and cookies!

Even though it was freezing, I just love this tradition. I really feel like Griffin (and eventually our other little ones) get a better picture of the Christmas story. And it is free and only takes half an hour or less. Score!!

While we were waiting to meet the Broady's, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights too. Grady is sooooo excited every time he sees them! Haha!

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