Tuesday, December 13, 2016

October In Review

October was filled with all kinds of things. We had Mimi's bday, Eden's bday, Peeps' bday, Brooklyn's bday, Grady's bday and then Halloween. We had pumpkin carving and WKU homecoming too! Oh and we had Bristow's Fall Festival in there.

We figured out towards the beginning of the month that one of Griffins favorite classmates lives just a few doors down! So there was lots of time spent playing down the street this month :-)

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Grady randomly decided to keep telling me that he looked cool with this glasses on :-) haha!

Griffin and Grady went to spend the night in Gallatin and got to have some fun at a football game with the fam. Meanwhile, Mr.Pate and I had a date night! We went out to eat at Novo (delicious) and then to the golf range and it was so much fun!

We had Eden's birthday party later that weekend, but I have zero pictures!! Fail.

The next week, we went out to eat with the Bostick's for Jason's bday. Uncle Shelly called and told us he had just landed in BG and to come see him super fast... so we did!!

We got to look inside one of the main planes he flies, and we got to watch him take off!

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We had a staff meeting the next night, and our staff kids were too cute ;-)

We began selling chocolate bars for a PTA fundraiser... yay. Luckily we were able to sell a box. Whew.

My college girls came into town for our Fall get together. Words do not express how much I love these ladies. We spent the whole day talking... and still felt like we needed more time. Oh and we also had the worst server on the face of the planet!! Hahaha

Grandma and Papaw came for a visit and we had the best weather and were able to play outside for awhile. It was a great stress free day!

Griffin and I got a cool "color by number" book where we cannot see what it is we are coloring until we are done. So fun!

My biker parents rode up one day to bring me something.... it is still so funny to me that my parents enjoy the motorcycle thing. How weird?!!

Over September and October, we did a weekly training for church. Katie kept the boys and they had all kinds of fun adventures... like making cookies or becoming mummies ;-)

One morning I found Grady like this in the morning after I walked out of the room. He was just plum worn out! Haha

We went to the Bristow Fall Festival, which was great. I only got two pictures though...

Then we went straight from there to pumpkin carving. Obviously this was a hard one without Gary, but the tradition lives on, as we felt he would want it to.

I will hopefully a whole post on that soon.

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My boys... crazy!

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And then we had WKU Homecoming. Mr.Pate played in the BCM Alumni Flag Football game, and ended up breaking his finger!! Ahh!!

After tailgating with my work, we headed down to Brooklyn's bday party and then to see Livvi model on the square.

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Blanket scarf fun!

S'mores clinic!

There was a random pony on campus for a fundraiser, so Becky made us go pose! Haha

Griffin made his brother a birthday card. I love seeing him grow and learn how to write and spell. It's awesome!

Then it was time for Grady's 2nd birthday party! I will do a whole post on that soon, but Gammy outdid herself for sure.

For Halloween, Grady took a dinosaur costume and carried it like his pet for school. Haha.

Griffin dressed up as a puppy at school.

Then for trick or treating we decided to be Spidermen!

We walked around/drove around with Kylynn from Griffins class. It was hot and I should have taken a stroller for Grady bc it was too much quick walking and I had to carry him a bunch. Ugh!

Uncle D and the Staggs came to hand out candy with us, which made it a fun event!

And that was October... whew!

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