Saturday, December 24, 2016

Disney World Adventures: Animal Kingdom

Monday we got up and headed to Animal Kingdom. I thought this would be my favorite park... and I was wrong. It was such a humid day, and it was the first day we felt like everything was really really busy. Blah!

They had a beautiful tree with giant animals in it outside the park. Loved it!

They had a little explorer book that the kids could earn stickers for learning things around the park. Griffin loves stuff like that.


On the Wilderness Train.

Then we headed to the Lion King show. It was great!!!

They had a dancer who did a bunch of work up on a rope swinging around the room. She was great!

Then we headed over to get a snack of ice cream, and then went to a Finding Nemo Musical.

I thought it was really good, but Mr.Pate thought it was kinda weird. Haha!

After that we went over to do a safari. I was really excited about this, and it was really good. We got to see lots of animals up and moving.

The Zebras were literally inches from the truck we were in. We could have touched them. And they paid no attention, haha.

The we went to Tusker House for a character dinner. We got to see Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Mickey. It was great!! My boys went crazy for Daisy. Griffin kissed her hand, she kissed his check and he was in love. She did the "call me" motion to him too. Haha! Grady kissed her on the duck lips, which was major progress from day one screaming!! He also went and took a picture by the characters too.

When Donald came back, we told him Griffin had kissed Daisy and he acted surprised and upset, it was funny!

At the end of dinner Goofy lead the kids in a Congo line! Too fun.

If I did it over again, I would schedule FPP for Lion King and Safaris in the late afternoon, then do dinner and afternoon only there. I mean there was a lot we didn't do like Dinoland and Bugs Life but my kids wouldn't really go for those.

But Lion King, Safari and dinner at Tusker House were awesome!

We headed back to the hotel to swim, but it ended up pouring for about 30 minutes so no pool for us. Just packing and getting ready to depart tomorrow.

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